MAC Epargnant FCP


  • A simple, safe and rational mutual fund.
  • Are your savings no longer yielding the returns you hope to get? Do you wish to conquer your financial freedom while minimizing risks?
  • Diversify your portfolio and choose MAC Epargnant FCP*, a mutual fund with a weekly asset value and no entry or exit fees.
  • Increase your current income through your investment in MAC Epargnant FCP.
  • Thanks to this distribution fund, you can benefit from the income obtained from your investment each year (between dividends and interest).


  • Attractive return: compared to 2022, the after-tax rate of return was 7.25%.
  • Favorable tax treatment.
  • For individuals, capital gains are fully tax-exempt.
  • For corporations, dividends are fully tax exempt.

* MAC Epargnant FCP is a mutual fund governed by Law No. 2001-83 of 24 July 2001 promulgating the Mutual Investment Organizations Code.



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