Fidelity Obligations SICAV

  • Fidelity Obligations SICAV : Profitale, secure investment with availability of funds.
  • Do you want to diversify your savings and build up fiancial capital by investing in the stock market ? hoose Fidelity Obligations SICAV*, an investment in bonds with a daily net asset value and no entry or exit rights.
  • Manage your equity portofolio quickly and at any time.


  • Immediate liquidity: Redemptions can be made at sight, without prior notice, immediately and free of charge at the daily-calculated net asset value.
  • Attractive return: compared to 2022, the after-tax rate of return was 71%.
  • Favorable tax treatment:
    • For individuals, dividends are subject to a 5% withholding tax deductible from the annual taxation.
    • For corporations, dividends are tax exempt.

* Fidelity Obligations SICAV: Open-end Investment Company governed by Law N° 83-2001 of 24 July 2001, promulgating the Mutual Investment Organizations Code, published in the Official Journal N° 70 of 15 April 2002, FMC Approval of 25 December 2001, Visa N° 02 448 dated 03 May 2002.

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