Housing Lease

With QNB products and offering package, you can finance:
- Your properties aimed at professional purposes:

·         Clinics

·         Factories

·         Offices

·         Offices, stores, shops ... Etc 

Target customers

Non salaried customers and SME.



- Maximum Loan Amount: 80% of the total cost, depending on the capacity

- Wage ceiling: Depending on the salary or income

- Maximum Loan Tenor: 5 to 9 years maximum

- Reply time: Max. 5 working days


Required documents

Salaried customers

- Signed and completed Application Form for Housing Lease

- Trade register

- Tax Identification Number

- Tunisian ID card

- Property certificate

- Pro Forma invoices

- Financial documents

- Bank references

Legal persons

- Application Form for vehicle and equipment lease

- Trade register

- Tax Identification Number

- Updated articles of Incorporation

- Tunisian ID card of the person in charge

- JORT (acronym for Journal Officiel de la République Tunisienne)

- Capital distribution

- Balance sheets and related accounts for the last two years

- Pro Forma invoice

- Financial documents

- Bank references

- Property certificate


Granting conditions

Natural or legal person


• Funding your building projects.

• Repayment in the form of monthly rent:

- fully deductible

- determined in advance

-  adapted to your professional activity

Paid VAT during the period of repayment (unless exempt).

How to register?

For more information, please visit our website www.qnb.com.tn or contact the nearest branch.

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