Borrower Insurance

It guarantees, in case of death from any or total cause and permanent disability of the credit Beneficiary (the insured), the payment of the remaining capital of the monthly installment at the time of death to Qatar National Bank by Carte vie.  The amount of the premium is determined based on amount and term of the credit and the age range of the insured person.


  • Be aged 18 at least and 65 at most on the day of subscription.

  • Not be on sick leave for health reasons at the time of subscription.

  • Not having been on a sick leave because of a serious disease for more than 30 consecutive days during the last 6 months prior to the subscription date.

  • Admission may be subject to the acceptance of an application form, a medical file and additional information as described in the management rules (see attached selection grid).

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Last Update : Tuesday 28 May 2024