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Book and pay with your QNB cards … and get a fixed 10% discount!

Enjoy a fixed 10% upfront discount when booking your accommodation on using your QNB Cards!

Book your preferred accommodation now at with over 29 million accommodation listings around the world (hotels, homes, apartments and other unique places to stay) and enjoy an awesome offer with QNB for your next travels. QNB Cards – The Best Way to Pay!


  • Visit to
  • Log in or register with
  • Choose your preferred accommodation and room type to see the rate and estimated instant reward value (the discount) displayed in the ‘Price Summary’
  • At the checkout page, choose the ‘Pay Now’ option to be eligible for the instant reward
  • Use QNB cards(debit or credit cards) to complete the booking and receive your instant reward

You will receive a confirmation email with details of the discount applied to your spend.

This offer is valid between 27 August and 31 December 2020 for stays up to 14 months* from booking date.

*Depending on the policies stipulated by the accommodation.

Terms and Conditions:

a) All QNB customers are eligible for this offer, including QNB staff.

b) Customer needs to purchase using a QNB card (a debit or credit card) to be eligible for the offer.

c) The instant reward (the discount) will not be available for:

  • Bookings directly made through the app or
  • Accommodations without an “Instant Rewards” badge displayed on their listing.
  • Accommodations that do not accept card payment.
  • Customers who select ‘Pay Later’.
  • Multiple Promo Codes that cannot be applied to a single booking.
  • Canceled and “no show” bookings.
  • Taxes and other fees and charges – those that may not be taken into account for the calculation of the final reward. The final reward is subject to the exchange rate.

d) All conditions of the promotion must be met at the time the booking is made; no retroactive claims will be allowed.

e) QNB shall not be not responsible or liable for any cancelation or variation in the booking or any fees incurred.

f) QNB shall not be liable or responsible for the quality of services provided by and/or its partners.

g) Users shall make sure Wi-Fi is enabled when using the provided link above. QNB shall not be responsible for any system or login failure.

h) In addition, (B.V)’s terms and conditions shall also be applicable. In case of dispute, the decision of and QNB shall be final.

i) The original English version of these conditions of use is translated into the Arabic.

For further inquiries, please contact Customer Service at:

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