Are EM returning to growth outperformance in 2023?

Over the last decade, emerging markets (EM) were a synonym for economic dynamism, opportunity and growth. In fact, EM economies have been outperforming most other countries when it comes to GDP expansion and other activity metrics until the beginning of 2020.

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Global activity surprises to the upside despite headwinds

The year started with negative sentiment dominating the global macro-economic environment and outlook.

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Global trade is set to stabilize in the coming months

Global trade is widely considered a crucial metric for evaluating economic activities between nations.

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ECB reaffirms record tightening cycle to rein in inflation

The European Central Bank (ECB) continues to reaffirm the most aggressive tightening cycle of its history in an effort to curb inflation. After a hike of 50 basis points (bps)

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Is gold set to continue acting as a safe-haven asset?

Gold has long been a source of debate and contention among economists and investors. Lord John Maynard Keynes, the renowned economist and statesman,

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Japanese inflation is back and the Bank of Japan needs to move further

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has historically been at the forefront of radical monetary policy experimentation. In the aftermath of the Nikkei crash and the burst of the Nipponic asset price bubble of the late 1980s,

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Are Sub-Saharan African economies resilient to global economic shocks?

After a strong economic recovery from the 2020 pandemic shock, select frontier markets in Sub-Saharan Africa benefited from the “great global re-opening” in 2021 and 2022.

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Southeast Asia is set to re-take its leading growth position in 2023

Pre-pandemic, Southeast Asia was one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world, prompting opportunity and growth at a significant scale for decades.

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Global macro challenges dominated the economic environment in 2022

This closing year started on a positive note for the global economy. Market sentiment was exuberant as the recovery from the depth of the pandemic continued,

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How bleak is the Euro area growth outlook?

Euro area growth prospects have been particularly volatile in recent quarters. The region has rapidly transitioned from a post-pandemic re-opening to a “crisis-driven economy” following the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

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Last Update : Friday 17 March 2023