Investment accounts

QNB FIRST offers an array of services designed to grow your assets:

The QNB First Saving plan:

  • The QNB FIRST saving plans , allow you to  plan your  projects while accumulating deposits.  Thanks to your saving plans, you will profit from preferential rates and an additional loan up to 4 times your savings.  

The QNB First Education Savings Plan:

  • Plan the university studies of your children and give them the opportunity to attend the top ranking universities in the world.

The First Household Saving Plan:

  • Anticipate your personal and family expenses and save in order to be able to spend money conveniently.

The First Housing Savings Plan:

  • Give yourself the opportunity to invest in the residence of your dreams, whether for you or your children and subscribe to our attractive real estate plan.

The First Special Savings Account:

  • Grow your assets with total confidence.

The QNB First Term Deposits:

  • Subscribe to an investment in a term deposit account or in cash bonds, over a period of 3 months to 5 years, and maximize your profits. If necessary, have an overdraft or a deposit-based loan.

The First deposit certificate:

  • Opt for a deposit certificate  with a predefined minimum threshold of 500 000 TD* for a period ranging from 10 days to 5 years and make money from your deposits.

* and multiple of ten


To profit from QNB FIRST products & services , prior approval of the bank is required.

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Last Update : Tuesday 26 September 2023