First Bank Cards

As a QNB privileged client, we are pleased to offer you two outstanding bank cards.

National Platinum Mastercard

  • With the Platinum MC you will have an easy and unrestricted access to your account. The ceilings of withdrawal and payment have been specially adapted to satisfy your needs. Your MC Platinum payment card is available at the national level.

International World Mastercard

  • For the first time in Tunisia and exclusively, QNB offers the World MC, which is more than just a means of payment, it allows you to access a world of privilege and luxury. With your World MC you benefit from access to many services across the world:
  • more than 500 VIP lounge and concierge services  in the contracted airports
  • preferential deals offered by over 80 renowned hotel groups
  • over 30 golf tours
  • various services from prestigious labels
  • insurance benefits abroad


To benefit from the QNB FIRST products & services, prior approval of the bank is required.

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Last Update : Friday 14 June 2024